We’re open-minded professionals with agile software development approach. Firstly we have to spend some time together to break down the complexity of a project, regardless of the scale. Document project requirements precisely long before we start coding. This approach makes possible for us to create a preliminary roadmap and estimate project costs and timeframe, and most important choose the best technology solutions. We accomplish tasks within fixed periods of time – “Sprint”. We deliver code incrementally, allowing you to keep an eye on every project phase, next we test, and test, and test. Just to deliver the best product possible. When the project is in the production environment you can count on us with technical support afterward our maintenance packages will fully support your business.

Get a glimpse of our app development process:

Software development process diagram Software development process diagram


  1. Discovery Phase
  2. Plan
  3. Develop
  4. Test
  5. Plan
  6. Develop
  7. Test
  8. MVP deployment / Test Version release
  9. Market Response
  10. Software deployment and making available for use
  11. Technical support
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